9/25/12: Prayer of Renunciations;  This is a matter of  “covering all the bases” by speaking out loud the renunciations.  An Internet search shows many of these like the one below.  I looked again and could not find the web site that listed this one, so as to credit.

I know that many Christians are not concerned about curses, but for me I like to “cover all the bases”.  By that I mean as in baseball, if you hit a ball out of the park and do not touch all the bases, you are called out.  It is not a score.

However for me, it is more than that.  It is a positive action to “bind the strong man”

Repeat out loud after me the following.


I renounce all occult involvement, hereby breaking all ties to the demonic realm of darkness.   I renounce all involvement in witchcraft and divination.

   In the Name of Jesus I confess and renounce all sins of my ancestors and myself for taking part in Shamanism or the worship of the created.   I repent of this act and ask God’s forgiveness.

   I choose this day to destroy and remove from my life every graven image, or any likeness of anything, that is of the occult or the demonic that I have either purchased, or made, or was given to me by someone else.

   I renounce allegiance to Lucifer, to Satan, to every principality, to every power, to every ruler of the darkness of this world, to every spiritual wickedness in high places, that I have ever made.

   I break all vows, covenants, contracts, oaths, pledges, commitments, agreements, or dedications which have been made to Satan or any deity other than the Sovereign God . . . by me or by others in my behalf at any time, whether before or since birth.

   I renounce allegiance to the Illuminati, to the Freemasons, to any lodge or secret society that I have ever made.   I ask the Lord Jesus to break the power of any curses attached to me for anything I promised or did, or that was said or done to me or for me while I was involved with them.   I ask the Lord Jesus Christ to break the power of any curses attached to me for leaving, and for breaking association with them.

   I renounce allegiance to Mammon, for riches and wealth, made by me or any member of my family, past or present.   I ask the Lord Jesus to break the curse of the ‘covenant of death’ for my allegiance with Mammon.   In the Name of Jesus I renounce Mammon and the works of Mammon in my life.

   I give up all occult powers, curses, and blessings, including all abilities to summon demons.   In the Name of Jesus I renounce all occult powers and the works of all occult powers in my life.

   In the Name of Jesus I renounce all Generational Spirits that have been manipulating and controlling me or any member of my family.   I break any generational core of evil and all ungodly bonds from the past generations, prohibiting them from regressing to previous generations, moving sideways to siblings or cousins, or progressing to future generations.   I ask the Lord Jesus Christ to loose me from their power and call their assignment against me void and null, and command them to cease their operation against me.

   I command all ungodly blood lines and blood ties, curses and blessings, inheritances and legacies, bondage, and any ties to spirits shared with any other person to be broken and not to reconnect.

   I ask the True and Living Lord Jesus Christ, who has ascended far above all principalities and powers, to sever with the Sword of the Spirit all silver, gold, bronze, or any other color of the rainbow, cords that bind me to any cult, person, or demonic entity.   I ask the Sovereign God to declare all cords or other ties null, void, powerless, and of no further binding effect on me, in both the physical and the spiritual worlds.

   I ask Him to seal all these areas with the Blood of the True Jesus Christ so that I will no longer be vulnerable to occult control.   I ask Him to bind the power of all demonic entities assigned or commissioned to carry out these generational aspects.

   I reclaim all rights to my spirit, body, soul, mind, and emotions given to or taken by Satan.   I take back all rights to my spirit, body, soul, mind, and emotions which I have ever given to Satan or that he has taken from me against my will or that have been committed to him by others on my behalf.

   I ask God’s forgiveness and renounce all sexual encounters outside of wedlock.   I confess, renounce, and break all soul ties caused by these sexual encounters.   I confess and renounce all sexual encounters which came from occult or demonic involvement.   I break all ties resulting from these sexual encounters or wedding ceremonies, including those of the body, soul, mind, will, emotions, and spirit.

   I confess all unforgiveness I have in my heart toward anyone that has harmed or wronged me in any way.   In the Name of Jesus, I choose, this day, of my own free will, to forgive them.   I also choose to forgive myself for all that I have done or said that hurt others or my relationship with God.

   In the Name of Jesus I come against and bind all Tormentors from me.   Satan, I put you and all Tormentors on notice this day that I have confessed all unforgiveness in my heart towards others and have forgiven them for everything they have done or said that hurt me.   In so doing I have stripped you of all authority, power, or any rights you have had over my life because of the unforgiveness.   In the Name of Jesus every Tormentor, and every torment, sickness, or disease brought about by unforgiveness must leave me.

   I renounce all passivity that gives demonic beings any ground to control me or any part of me.

   In the Name of Jesus, I renounce Satan and the works of Satan in my Life.