Signs of the Times?

11/11/12:  One does not need a wrist watch to see what time it is in history.  There is much evidence for signs of the times in the Bible.  The scripture wants us to be aware of the times we are living and therefore the following list may help us know in what time we are living. Do you recognize any of these factors in your life, associations, or in our culture?  We have been warned that difficult times will come and the following are prophetic evidence in humanity.

  • Men will be:
    •  lovers of self
    •  lovers of money
    •  Boastful
    •  Arrogant
    •  Revilers
    •  disobedient to parents
    •  Ungrateful
    •  Unholy
    •  Unloving
    •  Irreconcilable
    •  malicious gossips
    •  without self control
    •  Brutal
    •  haters of good
    •  Treacherous
    •  Reckless
    •  Conceited
    • Lovers of pleasure rather than of God
      •  holding to a form of godliness
      •  although they have denied its power.

As I read over this list, I want to take an inventory of my self.  Do any apply to me?  If so, I choose to rebuke it.  In addition, we are to avoid such men as these.

If these factors exist, then what times are these?  The Bible teaches in 2 Titus 3:2 that we are to realize that these are factors of the “last days”.  The “last days” are those before the end of this age. The simplest way to get some insight into this topic is to find the book, “The Late Great Planet Earth”.  Although published years ago, it will read like today’s newspaper or Internet.