Silent Killers

10/16/2015: There are Silent Killers in our lives of which at the time they are creating havoc we have no awareness. This concept came to my attention years ago when I was puzzled about the lack of success in a certain matter of life. My prayer inquiry was answered when the Lord said “There is a Silent Killer at work in your life”.

Now there are many obvious issues where I have fallen short of the Glory of God and I do not need anything more than a conscience to identify the problem. However there are many more times when I am walking up right the best I can tell and something is not going right.

At that point I ask the Lord if there is a Silent Killer and if so what it is. When I get the word, I can rebuke and or remove the Silent Killer.

As with ever issue of life there must be a Biblical foundation to know this is in truth. The Silent Killer is recorded in Joshua’s life. He successfully fought the battle of Jericho. The next battle he lost as well as thousands of men. He went to the Lord with an inquiry. Joshua 7:8-11. Joshua believes he was in right standing with the Lord and therefore puzzled by the defeats. The Lord said, “There is sin in your camp”. WOW! His men were instructed not to take any of the spoil at Jericho. Unfortunately they did not obey, unbeknown to Joshua. There now was a Silent Killer literally operational in Joshua’s camp.

Since I have learned about Silent Killers I pray for awareness of any such factors that could be interfering with my life or walk.