Only 2 % Interested in Silver Bullion

10/20/12  I have followed Pat Heller’s opinion on value of gold and silver for more than 20 years.  Pat has coin business in Lansing, MI.   He now posts at  I have found his opinion always right, although sometimes premature in dating events in this market.

A recent posting caught my attention.  Less than 2% of the potential market of buyers purchase silver bullion.  I guess it is like any other interest a person might have.  If I am interested in baseball, I might think everyone else knows the batting averages of the Detroit Tiger players, just because I do.  Not so, especially with silver bullion.

My interest started because of Y2K, which of course did not happen to produce a tragedy.  It did provide a great opportunity for me to diversify into area I knew little about at what turned out to be an opportune time.

Back to my subject.  With the continued rise and sometimes fall of bullion, I thought the entire world was playing in this area.  Not so.  Only 2% of general public has any interest and yet from time to time, like now, the supply is low.  The question raised on Liberty Coin’s posting in September 2011 was what would happen to this market if 3% or more got interested?

You might find Pat’s commentaries and newsletters enlightening.