The Bible is Unbelievable; End of Story or is it?

12/20/13: Yes, it is obvious the Bible is Unbelievable. Religious people will contend that we must believe the Bible. This creates a dilemma of reason. How can I believe something that is obviously unbelievable?

At this time of year we are to believe in a virgin birth, three wise men and a miraculous guiding star. These events result in the God of the Universe inhabiting a human body. This idea requires a little stretch of the imagination. This Christ child is said to be the Jewish messiah, but most Jews of that day or even now do not buy that. However at age 13 he is teaching religion in the Jewish temples. As the story goes, as an adult he performed many miracles. He creates the first fast food outlet when multiplying a few fish and loaves right on the spot to feed 5000 families and yet have food left over. He allegedly performs miracles of healing; restoring sight to the blind and having crippled people get up and walk. Even one lady allegedly was healed instantly of an issue of menstrual bleeding. He said he hated religion and religious people. He preached eternal life, yet only lived 33 years. He is killed on a cross as a criminal and is buried only to be resurrected and seen by hundreds of witnesses. After his resurrection his body takes on a supernatural form such that he can walk through a closed door. All this and more appear to be unbelievable religious stories.

I suggest solving this problem by first focusing on something contemporary in your present life. Since the Bible is supposed to be written under the inspiration of God Almighty and indicates we can make known our requests to Him, so I did this. The first request I made was to reverently approach God in a natural conversational manner. I said something like this. “Dear God, if you are who you say you are, would you be kind enough to make yourself a tangible reality to me?”

If you do this you will get your first personal unbelievable story; a tangible reality. The evidence will be so personal and so real, that thereafter the Bible will not seem so unbelievable.