The Mind of Christ

8/13/12  We are admonished to “let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus”.  We are then told “we have the mind of Christ”.  This is theoretically wonderful.

Practically it is a challenge.  Developing the mind of Christ is daunting.  It is fair to ask just how does this come about?

The answer is deciding to line up with what the Word says our responses to everyday issues should be.  One such situation occurs when someone you have helped in so many ways shows little interest in your well being and no respect for you past benefits on their behalf.  The natural or flesh reaction is to be hurt followed by resentment.  The mind of Christ, written in the Word, shouts from your spirit, “do not take into an account a wrong suffered”.  Your flesh shouts back, “You do not understand”   The Word replies, “Yes I do, I came unto my own and they received me not.”  Your flesh responds, “But You can do that because you are God.”   The Word responds, “My grace is sufficient”.

We get to decide who wins this debate.  My answer is reluctantly, “okay, have your own way Lord”.  Then I recall how Jesus mind responded on the prospect of the Cross, “Nevertheless, Your will not Mine.”

With this approach, we can start to take on the Mind of Christ.