The Present Move of God

9/16/2015: I believe the present move of God is in the rhealm of the prophetic. I was fortunate to have been a part of the Charismatic move of God in the 1960’s. This was such a wonderful time in which so many recieved the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

This present move is fostered by our living in prophetic fulfilment times. As a result of the overflow, each beleiver will experience prophetic Words from the Lord concerning their issues of life.

I have been given prophetic Words many times over the years. I relayed the prophetic Word to my family and close friends so that when the prophecy was realized the validity would be established. Therefore I avoided the after the fact need to proclaim what God had said was now realized.

At first the prophetic Word may scare you as it did me when I first experienced such. You will want to go back to God and make sure it is Him. I am so shocked and unsure when I have heard a prophetic Word, that I request of God further revelation including a matching Bible verse for verification. The Word may seem out of the realm of possibility for you. Do not be surprised. The reason is that what is going to transpire will not be of your doing, but God’s.

This prophetic Word is not the forthtelling most Christians will accept from going to church or reading the Bible. It is foretelling of life events followed by the fulfillment of the Word. The fulfillment is the validation. We should be experiencing an outflowing of the reality of Bible prophecy and the overflowing of personal experience of prophetic Word in our lives as a believer.

Finally, we should know why God uses prophecy, or foretelling. The reason is not so you know what is going to transpire, but the reason is that you will know it was God who spoke and brought it about exactly as spoken and I mean exacty as spoken.

A word of caution. If someone approaches you, even your pastor with a prophetic word for you it will only be valid if you already have heard it or it confirms what is already in your heart. Otherwise, just kindly thank them.

I am not in the prophetic ministry or office thereof, but just one of the many believers God wants to touch in this manner.