There is no Acceptance like that which is preceded by Rejection!

7/23/2015: There is no acceptance like that which is preceded by rejection! I heard this first in a medical school lecture by John Dorsey, M.D. He was a psychiatrist.

Now for my lecture on rejection. Yesterday I received notice that a scientific study I had been working on for over 35 years was accepted for publication in an open medical journal Journal of Clinical Medical Research. This manuscript had been previously rejected by many more prestigious journals; Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, American Journal of Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Clinics of North America, Pain, Journal of Pain, and many more. I was given the idea by Devine revelation knowledge. I made the device on the same day I had the revelation. We used it on more than 1000 patients with careful documentation. We wrote and rewrote the manuscript too many times to count. Finally it was accepted.

I now believe I am qualified to speak on the subject of rejection. Rejection is a part of every human experience. Even Jesus faced rejection. It says that he came unto his own people and they received him not. I guess there is nothing like your own family’s rejection.

I have reflected many times on the humorous response a very spiritual person might get when praying to have the mind of Christ. The answer to the prayer could be for this person to experience rejection. The state of rejection provides a wonderful opportunity to learn the mind of Christ and how He would process rejection. There are several factors in the mind of Christ in the face of rejection.

1. Rejection did not deter Him.
2. He continued to love and respect those that rejected Him.
3. He persisted in His mission.
4. He knew the rejection did not lessen the value of what he was doing or the purpose.
5. He knew He would over come the rejection.
6. In the end He would be victorious.

Fortunately, I know Him and learned His mind in this matter. I now have the victorious outcome.