You never know what God is going to do! Really?

You never know what God is going to do.  This is one of a number of clichés commonly used in Christian circles that are misleading or worse yet,  untrue.

You never know what God is going to do.  Really?  His Word says that he is sovereign and does what ever he pleases.   He says He and His word are synonymous.  He says he is unchanging.   That makes him rather predictable.  He acts independently.  What ever He says reflects Him.  It is always the same message.  So why would one say, “You never know what God is going to do.”  It seems to me that that conclusion is related to lack of Biblical knowledge of God’s nature, Biblical recorded sayings and or actions.  There may not be any experiential personal relationship with God of the Bible.   Lacking these conditions, His actions would be unpredictable.  Given these conditions, God actions are generally predictable; according to his Word.

God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!  Really?  It is true God works.  He does perform wonders.  There are mysteries about God that may not have been revealed.  Certainly man does not totally comprehend with our mind the fullness of God’s majesty, splendor, or grandeur, but as you will see below He has shared with us, within our human comprehension, the person of Jesus Christ.  However He works according to His Word which we have available in the Bible.  The written Word is not a mystery to a believer.  It is very clear how God works.  We just need to read up on it.

You can never know what God is thinking!  Really?  This opinion is probably based upon Isaiah 55:8. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, My ways.”  He certainly said those Words, but to whom was he speaking?  Was he speaking to everyone who ever or would ever exist?  Was he speaking to today’s Christian?  He was speaking through the prophet Isaiah to the Jewish remnant who had forsaken Him.  Isaiah 55:6 pleads with the Jews to “Seek the Lord while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near.”   In Isaiah55: 7 the plea continues to come back to God now and ” Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return to the Lord, …”   We can see the contrast between the unrighteous man’s thoughts and the thoughts and ways of God.  Now that we know who God through Isaiah was addressing.  He was addressing he lost soul.  If we are in the same spiritual condition as those to whom He was  addressing, then of course we would not know or connect with God’s thoughts, because we have our own ideas.

But is we are walking in a relationship with God, the Bible teaches “…we have the mind of Christ. (1Col2:16 )  It also encourages us to do so in  where it says, “Let this mind (attitude) be in you that is in Christ Jesus.” (Phil2:5)  In both of these passages, the author is speaking to “believers”, not the lost.

You can have insight to God’s mind and actions.  The condition is that you have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ and you are being lead by the Holy Spirit.  Your understanding is enhanced by knowledge of His Word as recorded in the Bible.