Couple of short, good reads

9/18/12  It is not common for me to either read books or recommend them, but with weather change last couple of days I read two books worthy of others attention.  I never like to get a book thicker than 1/2 inch nor recommend the same.  They both fall into that category.

Gray CL. The Battle for America’s Soul; healthcare, the culture war and the future of freedom. Eventide publishing.  This reviews the history of the various world views and nothing is new since Plato.  Now the increasing divide in America is based upon the two opposing world views.  He outlines the results depending upon which one prevails.

The other is: Hill Craig. Five Wealth Secrets 96% of us do not know.  Family Foundations International PO Box 320 LIttleton, CO 80160  This is a very simple practical outline of basic money management and the consequences thereof.

Both can be found on the Internet.  Inexpensive and worthy of your attention.