Football injuries would be reduced by rule changes

11/11/2015: Football injuries could be reduced by 3 rule changes.

#1: “Spearing” or leading with the head and helmet to hit another player is technically outlawed. The institution of “targeting” or hitting with helmet to head or neck is now penalized. However the incidence of leading with the head and helmet still is prevalent. This is seen with attempts to cause a fumble. The impact on the players head and neck is still there with this fumble inducing technique. I have long proposed that the rule be more general; No hitting with the head and helmet or in the head or helmet. This should be understood by all parties.

#2: No slamming to the ground outside of normal tackling technique. This occurs most often on the quarterback after he has released the pass. The result is the quarterback is forced backward into the ground with his head the last to hit the ground with great acceleration. It is almost like a whip lash injury to the neck but more importantly the potential for brain concussion of some magnitude.

#3: Restore the rule on “No assisting the ball carrier”. What happens now is that the ball carrier is upright or nearly so and both teams are pushing on this rugby like scrum, which is short for scrimmage. The result is often an injured player laying on the field after all the pile is cleared. This is the source of knee and ankle injuries especially to the linemen pushing in the scrum.