Health Care Fraud: government style

11/4/13: Health care fraud occurs when billing is made for services not rendered. If the transgression is by a physician, there is a large financial penalty for every occurrence whether intended or not.

Would it not be health care fraud if an agency collected money for services not ever rendered?

The federal government is an example. ObamaCare authors knowingly wrote a law that charges women insurance premiums for pregnancy services when it could be known they are out of the child bearing age. Furthermore, consider those women who have already had a hysterectomy which is known by government databases. If the hysterectomy and or oophorectomy were for cancer, the woman is assigned to a higher premium pre existing condition group. The later reason is logical by actuarial accounting, but fraudulent when charging premium for a pregnancy service that could never be rendered.

Now that the law is passed it may be time for the American people to read this law to learn if the above is verified.