What am I up to?

“Not always this laid back”

“Not always this laid back”

Thank you for asking. I am asked this question so often. This phase may just be a salutation, but I have learned many have a curiosity about my various endeavors. A blog seemed like the best way to answer this question on a regular basis. In addition, this blog provides a means for me to keep track in an organized fashion of what I am up to.

The purpose is to record and relate what I am up to these days. The information will be in one place for recording memoirs and historical events. It will be a place to document the present and consider the future.
I expect to regularly make entries concerning various categories: physician/surgeon; medical research and development; the golf adventures and Life. You may see a recent post or follow the topic that might interest you.

Let me know what you think as this blog will becomes my “Lectronic Legacy” in what ever time remains.


“30 years at the bedside” circa 1980

“30 years at the bedside” circa 1980

In the course of my practice I was one of the pioneers in arthroscopic surgery. This resulted in hundreds of surgeon visitors, such that Ingham Medical Center in Lansing created the first operating room dedicated to arthroscopic surgery including a glass wall for visitors to comfortably observe surgery.

Arthroscopic Suite Ingham Medical Center

Arthroscopic Suite Ingham Medical Center

First and foremost I am a physician/surgeon. No matter a physician’s special interest, the medical license says physician/surgeon. In the course of my medical practice, medicine became very specialized, me included. I went from medical doctor, to board certified orthopedic surgeon to arthroscopic surgeon. My business card indicated such. I did not go so far as to do only left knees and right elbows. When I saw this unfolding, I changed my business card my roots, a “new” specialty called Physician/Surgeon.



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Official Patent Document

Official Patent Document

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My friend and partner on the PGA Tour; Howard Twitty

My friend and partner on the PGA Tour; Howard Twitty

I started golf at age 11 a Burroughs Farms, a family recreational area for employees of Burroughs Adding Machine Company. This facility is now called Oak Pointe, west of Brighton, MI. I played on Royal Oak High School team which won the Michigan State High School Championship in 1951 (not a misprint on year). My last year at Michigan State and sfter I was admitted to medical school, I played #3 man on Michigan State College (at that time) golf team. My best competitive score was two under 70 against Notre Dame. I have enjoyed 3 holes in one, the longest being 265 yards in 1955. I played a few local country club invitationals over the years, winning once at the Lansing Country club with Otto Schubel.

Long hiatus in golf due to medical school and practice, but in 2002, I slipped on the ice after a Michigan State basketball game and dislocated my shoulder. This resulted in rotator cuff repair and exploring one handed putting. This led to interest in putting and putter design. This led to meeting Howard Twitty, former PGA tour player and the rest is history and daily documentation of new events now reflected in this blog’s “What are you up to in Golf”

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Life & life

Open Bible

Open Bible

These are musings about Life and life. Notice the capital letter on the first Life. The reason is that it is a synonym or code name for the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He called himself the Way, The Truth and the Life. Over the years I have lived an imperfect life (not capitalized) which is one of the qualifications for becoming and remaining a Christian. There is a fun scripture that rhetorically says, “Does a well man need a doctor?” Only those with faults need apply.

I have written a number of manuscripts about Life and life. One such many people Christian or not have appreciated is my insight to what goes on in the operating room which resulted in a prayer for those undergoing surgery. (use the form to the right to sign up and get this free)

I have written a short manuscript on “A Physician Looks at Scriptural Healing”. Being a medical doctor and a Christian it was of interest to me, what the Bible recorded about healing. So it was important to me to make this study in light of my clinical experiences. I want the proceeds from this to go directly to Fresh Wind Christian Community in Benzie County, MI.

This section will have many other reflections on Life and life as we go along.

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Answering the frequently asked question (FAQ) of what am I up to now?

A BLOG seemed the best and most efficient means of answering the FAQs on a regular basis.  It might be said that I wear multiple hats or have many interests.  Discovery in medicine will always be the main topic.  However there are other categories; Golf Adventures, Inventions, and some Christian writings.  Hopefully the BLOG will be a format to tell what I am up to in each of these main endeavors.  It seems almost daily there are interesting events; at least to me. Perhaps the events may be of interest to others.

I want to make it clear, I am not retired.  Retirement it is bad for one’s health.  I concluded my clinical practice in 1995, but work regularly in these various endeavors.  I do not see anywhere in the Bible where retirement is to be desired or realized.  I have told my daughters that I will not be speaking at my retirement party.

From time to time I will answer publicly herein those questions that recently surfaced and may be of general interest.  I will not be recording what I had on my hot dog at a ball game, let alone focus on mundane events.

I trust I will accomplish the intended goal of answering “What am I up to?”

Trials and Errors

9/23/2018: Life, like science is often a series of trials and errors.  In life, all my trials have been due to my errors.

Ain’t My Problem. Really?


Dear Christian: What is going on is not the world’s problem, it is our problem.  Allow me to explain where the responsibility rests.  What is wrong with America rests directly upon the shoulders of the American Christians.  That is the truth and there are two principles that support the contention that the problem is ours.

#1: According to 2 Chronicles 7: 14, the truth is as follows: If My people (Christ speaking) who are called by My name (Christians) will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Note that it did not say that the non believers needed to repent, although that may be true.  It said you and I must allow the light of Christ to shine on our hearts and see what wickedness rests therein.  Notice it did not say think about it, since this allows rationalization to enter into the conversation.

#2: According to Hosea 4: 6, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

Note that this says that Christians know little of God’s Word, which happens to be synonymous with His being.  (John 1:1)  This is quite an indictment which is defined as “a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime”.

The solution is to read the Word regularly.  Agree with the Word.  Allow the Word to dwell richly in your heart. Be doers and not hearers only but by agreeing with the Word to the extent you will act upon it.


Web Site Launch: www.4WhatAilsU.com

9/15/2018:  I launched www.4WhatAilsU.com this past week on the PGA Champions Tour.  It is offering a Powerful Broad Spectrum anti-oxidant.

It is a natural food substance; the metabolite from the dyes that make blueberries blue and cherries red.

I had amazing good response and immediate results from first adopters, especially the tour player’s caddies.


Interesting Analogy between Patent Law and Prayer


I found this analogy interesting.  First a little background.  I am working on various patent submissions.  My perspective is that of a medical doctor and how those in my profession think.  In addition, we have rules about scientific investigation and validation of the results.

Now I enter the world of patent submission.  It is virtually impossible to do this absent a patent lawyer in that the language and rules of submission make it impossible for an unskilled person to make such a submission.

I start with a foundation in fact that I believe should qualify for patentability.  However, the criteria for being granted various patent claims are not the same as one in medicine would think.  Therefore, I use a patent attorney.  I tell him my argument and he says that he cannot present my argument as it does not fit the conditions of submission by the US patent office.  In short, my submission must fit the patent law and the rules governing allowability by the examiner who is reviewing my petition.

Now to the revelation I received today.  As a Christian we are taught to pray, even without ceasing.  We are instructed to make our requests to be made known.  We are told that if we have not it is because we have asked not.  We are told that if any two of you here on earth agree on anything the Father will do it from Heaven.  However, there is this one overriding cavet.  The prayer petition must conform to the law of God, the general will of God and specifically the will of God for you as a Christian in your God given assignment or calling.

We are also instructed to make our petition in the Name of Jesus, who in effect is our advocate or attorney.  The mechanics of this are like my patent application and are as follows.  We come up with a prayer we think makes sense.  We want the Father God to hear our prayer as the Word says he answers every prayer He hears.  However, He may not hear every prayer we make and for good reason.

Well how could that happen if I just made the prayer in good faith.  We made the prayer in the name of our attorney, Jesus.  But here is the process.  Jesus reviews the request and filters our request, reshapes it in a form according to the Government of God and in a form that the Father God is willing to hear the request.  So, in this case, just like in patent application, it takes one knowledgeable with the law to present our prayer requests within the will of God and according to His statutes.  If the prayer is so far from the laws of God or the will of God, your attorney Jesus will not be able to present your petition.  He will come back to you with how you might make a conforming petition or prayer in accordance with the will of God.

When constructed in the proper form and within the will of God for you, then God hears the prayer and answers.

Another US Patent

5/31/2018: On May 29, 2018 I was issued US patent 9,982,963 B2

A firearm having tactile biofeedback reference feature.

It is based upon the same human response to sensation in the skin that was present in the grooved grip and the real feel gloves. It allows the person to shoot more accurately.

Expanded US patent for Arthritis joint injection

5/24/2018: Just learned that on June 5, 2018, U.S. Patent No. 9,987,296 will be published.

It is a continuation of a prior more general patent for intra articular injection to treat arthritis. This patent expanded the use of the common plant dye, Cyanidin-3-glucoside to include dextrose and addition of insulin or other growth hormones as well as slow release biodegradable vehicle.

Allowed Claims
1. A method of inhibiting interleukin-1 (IL-1) induced glycosaminoglycoside (GAG) release in an arthritic joint of a subject, comprising administering into the arthritic joint of the subject by an intra-articular injection, a composition comprising cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), glucose and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, wherein the concentration of glucose is about 5%, and wherein the C3G is administered at a dose of 0.002 mg to 100 mg per joint that is effective to elicit the inhibition of IL-1 induced GAG release in the arthritic joint of the subject.

2-3. (Cancelled)

4. The method according to claim 1, wherein the composition increases expression of IGF-1 in the arthritic joint.

5. The method according to claim 4, wherein the composition is provided in a biodegradable microsphere.

6. The method according to claim 5, wherein the biodegradable microsphere comprises a slow release bioabsorbable material.

7. The method according to claim 6, wherein the bioadsorbable material is 50/50 D, L lactide/glycolide or 85/15 D, L lactide/glycolide.

8. (Cancelled)

9. The method according to claim 1, wherein the composition has a chondroprotective and/or chondronutritive effect in the joint of a subject.

10. (Cancelled)

11. The method of claim 1, wherein the composition treats damaged cartilage in the arthritic joint.

12-15. (Cancelled)

16. The method of claim 1, wherein the joint is a synovial joint.

17. The method of claim 11, wherein the injection comprises the formation of anthocyanin metabolites in the synovial fluid.

18. The method according to claim 1, wherein the dose of 0.002 mg to 100 mg per joint of C3G is provided at a concentration not exceeding about 100 µM.

19. The method according to claim 1, wherein the composition is administered with IGF-1, insulin, or a mixture thereof.

20. A method for treating damaged cartilage in an arthritic joint in a subject, comprising administering into the arthritic joint of the subject, by an intra-articular injection, a composition that is a solution comprising an anthocyanin, glucose and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, wherein the concentration of the glucose is about 0.5% to about 10%;
wherein the anthocyanin is cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), and wherein the C3G is administered at a dose of 0.002 mg to 100 mg per joint.

21. The method according to claim 20, wherein the composition increases production of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the joint.

22. The method according to claim 20, wherein the glucose is administered at about 5%.

23. The method according to claim 20, wherein the glucose is administered at about 10%.

Another US patent granted

5/24/2018: The background is important in appreciating the value of this patent.
Before antibiotics, bacteria were free floating in the body as individual bacteria.
There response to anti biotics was to mutate and or form colonies covered with a protective coating of a biofilm that the antibiotic could not penetrate. A total joint implant becomes infected when the first step the bacteria do is to produce a biofilm on the implant and from there, they grow the covered colony.

This US patent is important in that the solution applied to a total joint implant blocks the attachment of a biofilm and therefor the bacteria remain vulnerable to the protocatechuic acid (PCA) which destroys the biofilm and the bacteria.

This patent also provides a means to coat bandages in the manufacturing process. The PCA dries. When applied to a moist wound, the PCA is activated and kills the bacteria and causes would healing acceleration.

Allowed Claims

1. A method of reducing growth or development of a biofilm on a surface, comprising: contacting the surface with a composition comprising about 10% to about 50% of an anthocyanin metabolite or an anthocyanidin metabolite selected from protocatechuic acid and 2,4,6-trihydroxybenzaldehyde and mixtures and combinations thereof, wherein the contacting step reduces an initial attachment of a biofilm or a biofilm forming microorganism to the surface, thereby reducing the growth or development of the biofilm on the surface.
2. The method of claim 1, wherein the biofilm forming microorganism is selected from a Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
3. The method of claim 1, wherein the composition is selected from a liquid, a sanitizer, a disinfectant, a swab, a salve, soap, foam, cream, solution, gel, spray, powder, crystals, antibacterial treatments, wipes, a lotion and combinations thereof.
4. The method of claim 1, wherein the surface is selected from a solid surface, a smooth surface, a porous or semi-porous surface, and a cloth-like surface.
5. The method of claim 1, wherein the surface is on an implant, a bandage, a catheter, a dressing, a heart or vascular grafts, or a wound.
6. The method of claim 1, wherein the surface is a ceramic surface.
7. The method of claim 1, wherein the contacting step is selected from wiping the surface, spraying the surface, soaking the surface, imbedding crystals of the anthocyanin metabolite or an anthocyanidin metabolite on or in the surface, or applying a bandage or wound dressing impregnated with the composition to the surface.
8. The method of claim 1, wherein the anthocyanin metabolite or an anthocyanidin metabolite is present in an amount of from about 10% to about 40% by weight of the composition.
9. The method of claim 1, wherein the anthocyanin metabolite or an anthocyanidin metabolite is present in an amount of from about 20% to about 30% by weight of the composition.
10. The method of claim 1, wherein the anthocyanin metabolite or an anthocyanidin metabolite is protocatechuic acid.
11. The method of claim 1, wherein the surface is contacted with the composition for up to two years.
12. The method of claim 3, wherein the composition comprises protocatechuic acid or 2,4,6–trihydroxybenzaldehyde or a mixture or combination thereof dissolved in a solution.
13. The method of claim 12, wherein the solution further comprises a carrier.
14. The method of claim 13, wherein the carrier is selected from water, isopropyl alcohol, and ethyl alcohol.
15. The method of claim 14, wherein the isopropyl alcohol is present at a concentration of about 70% to about 91%.
16. The method of claim 14, wherein the solution comprises 10% to 30% protocatechuic acid dissolved in about 70% isopropyl alcohol.