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Bob Toski on Real Feel Glove

1/26/2018: Bob Toski comments on Real Feel Glove at PGA Show.  Toski, a Hall of Fame golfer says, “This Real Feel Glove will revolutionize golf; teaching, learning and playing.”   Bob Toski, now 91 years with Dr. Lanny the younger at 84 years having fun with Real Feel Glove and the Grooved Grip at the PGA Show.  

Lehman with Putter Grip Photograph

10/9/2017: The PGA Champions tour posting showed Tom Lehman with the grooved putter grip.  

Windy at Crystal Downs Golf Club

6/10/2017: Really windy today at 18th green at Crystal Downs on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Where did all the golfers go?

June 3, 2017: They went bicycling, kayaking, and hiking.  Allow me to explain with these photographs. This is Bruce Blinkhorn who rebuilds sailboats and builds light weight trailer for bikes and kayaks.  His sailboat is in the distance as he stands by his golf substitutes. I engaged him in conversation today at the port city of Frankfort, Michigan.  The conversation lead me to these photographs and this BLOG entry. Society has changed and left golf behind.  Golf is expensive and time consuming.  In golf one has the purchase of the clubs and it does not stop there.  One has to buy balls and green fees to enjoy your new clubs.  You have to schedule a tee time. By way of contrast the capital outlay for bicycle or kayak could be as much as golf clubs, but you expenses end there.  You can go when you want, where you want and stop when you want. The enjoyment time is a far less commitment than golf. Years ago at an orthopedic surgeon’s meetings, the scientific program had to end at 12 noon so all the members could go golfing.  Today one third bicycle, one third hike and maybe one third will play golf. I am on my way for 9 holes to keep the game alive.

Shoots 63 in Big Ten Women’s Championship with grooved grip

4/23/17: Spartan woman shoots 63 in BIG championship after recently putting grooved grip on putter. Sarah Burnham’s 63 broke the Big Ten and Michigan State school low score in route. She was using the Difference Makar 44 ounce grip shown here:   Grooved Putter Grips

Camilo Villegas: 17 under par, ties for first, but loses in playoff

11/17/2016: Camilo Villegas tied for first in recent PGA regular tour event RSM Classic and then lost on third hole of the playoff.  He uses grooved golf grips on all clubs.  He is seen here prior to the event making sure the grooves are lined up perfect.  It looks like he is back and will be in the winner’s circle soon.  

5th Win on PGA Tour for Grooved Grips

11/11/2016: Tom Pernice, Jr. won on the PGA Champion Tour using Grooved Grip on his putter. I has taken 3 year to convince him the grooved golf grip could and would make  a difference. Now he gladly says”It made a difference for me”  Click the following to see his short video testamony. Or go to: