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Is your Bible Holy only because you Cut Out Scriptures?

3/14/2018: This is a very common example of excising a portion of Scripture. It is very common to hear this scripture quotation from Revelation 12 as a prescription for solving one’s present problems. “And they overcame him (devil) by means of the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” The implication is “just plead the blood and say some Bible verses out loud” and you will win in spiritual warfare. However the last line is never mentioned by TV pastors. The verse 11 goes on to say “for they did not love and cling to life even when faced death”. (Amplified Bible) This later sentence is discussing the death of self, our goals, our ambitions and our very being. In this sense, we do not matter when it comes to winning spiritual battles. We must be willing to sublimate our often preconceived ideas and ambitions to achieve the greater good of the Kingdom of God. The enemy embraces this concept very readily, although not in the Biblical sense. In World War II, the Japanese had kamikaze pilots who sacrificed their life for the greater cause. Today we see the ISIS warriors and Muslim radicals doing the same thing for what they consider a greater purpose. It is very hard to defeat such tactics. God wants us to embrace the same concept for Holy Spiritual warfare. We can invoke the benefit of the covering of the Blood of Jesus and quote scripture all we want, but until we are willing to fight to the death of self, not much will happen.

My most effective prayer

3/1/18: My most effective prayer is “Thank you Lord for working out all the details of my life”. This is based upon the Word that says, “Cast all your cares upon me, because I care for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 and Psalm 55:22

How to Stop Creativity

11/22/2017: Creativity is stopped by having your mind “made up” on any given issue.

Silent Killers

10/14/2017:  Silent Killers are an action taken that unknown to you has stopped a relationship, a business deal, or any other of a hundred endeavors. It is silent since you do have any awareness of the problem you created.  You cannot think of anything your did.  Your act certainly was  well intended and well motivated.  However the result certainly was a surprise and unexpected.  You cannot figure this out.  You did not have any awareness that for the listener what you said or did was a big deal. The silent killer manifestation may be a simple as calling someone and for reasons unknown to you they no longer take your phone call.  It may be as simple a response that a person you regularly did things with is not longer making themselves available to play golf, go shopping, out of lunch or to the theater. So I regularly inquire of myself and the Lord, “Am I creating any silent killers?” This is in contrast to all the obvious things we do to offend others or our acts that are our own worst enemy.  In these cases we ask the other person to forgive us.

For Your Discernment

9/18/2017: This is for one’s discernment. The #1 thing on the Internet in last few days is the September 23rd potential event. I just listened to this presentation from the Biblical perspective that I think is worthy of one’s attention. It is about prophecy.  I believe it is a balance presentation. Start by fast forwarding to the 19 minute mark to avoid the preamble.  I goes on to 58 minutes. If nothing more it is the educational on various Bible prophecies, yet without any pronouncements or day or hour. However, we as Christians are to know the season.

Is it not more than social justice?

9/2/2017: Is it not more than social justice?  The cry for social justice today is an incomplete banner for the mission. I was reading where I saw that the Lord God of Israel was for righteousness and justice, but also mercy and truth. This is written in Psalm 89:14; Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Mercy and truth go before Your face. The plea on the banner to be lifted up should also say the following: Societal Righteousness: This is so foreign that it not only is interesting idea, but truly absent. Societal Mercy: Have you seen this lately? Societal Truth: When was the last time that was prevalent? However, these three are absent from the conversation that should be permeating our society.

“and now you know the rest of the story” video of recent lecture

9/1/2017: I have posted in YouTube a lecture I was invited to give to the FischBone Society of sport medicine orthopedic surgeons.  This group of surgeons were mentored by David Fischer, M.D.  Dr. Fischer holds an annual meeting and asked me to address the group on “What Really Matters”.  I made an attempt to record the audio, but for some reason that failed.  So I have made a video of the PowerPoint presentation and repeated the audio of the lecture.  Unfortunately the audience reaction is absent.  Go to to see and hear this lecture having the theme made so popular by Paul Harvey, “and now you have heard the rest of the story”.  I relate natural events in my medical career and my life mentors influence therein.