Breaking News: Eternal Life soon possible!

12/24/2018:  Breaking news:  It was reported today that it will be possible to eventually live forever due to the many medical and surgical advancements.

The breaking news was very timely for humorous reasons since it was reported on the traditional eve of the celebration of Christ’s birth, Christmas.

Eternal life has been available since Christ’s birth date around 2000 years ago and is available yet today as reported in the literature (John 3:16).

Merry Christmas

Being Thankful is the Solution

12/12/2018: “There is no problem so great that you cannot thank your way out of it.”  It is written that we are to be thankful for (Ephesians 5:20) and in (1 Thess 5:18) all things.”   I have learned this over time.  I have the opportunity to practice this regularly as I regularly face challenges.  However, the thanks must be directed to someone who can do something about your problem.  I have learned it is the the Lord Jesus.  As a result I am granted peace in every circumstance. (2 Thess 3:16)

Out of Golf Business

12/6/2018: I am out of the golf business.  I was assessed a penalty of hundreds of thousands of dollars by the IRS.  The IRS examiner determined that I was just having fun out on PGA tour and not really working, trying to sell my intellectual property.  She had no direct evidence of such.  This Federal ruling is not based upon a law or a regulation.  It is based upon a long time IRS internal common ruling concerning their definition of a hobby.  A hobby is one in which a person claiming a business expense has not been profitable in 3 years.  I was not aware of this type of ruling, nor was I advised of such by my accountant.

My choice is to accept or fight.  I could fight the federal government in their court.  I was not likely to win.  So, I reluctantly paid.

The IRS examiner would not accept the fact that my business was not selling golf equipment, but one of an inventor trying to establish worth for his intellectual property that would be attractive to a buyer.  Although I had penetration on the PGA tour with my equipment and seven wins on tour, I was unable to attract a buyer.  Therefore, the IRS has the authority to determine I was just having fun in golf, not working.  Hence, the financial penalty.

To the contrary, it is evident that I am an inventor.  I have 76 US patents starting in 1978 and issued regularly including one December 4th this year.  For the record, only 41% of patent applications result in an US patent.  Worse yet is that only 1% of US patents issued ever become commercialized and make any money.  I have beaten those odds, as many of my patents have resulted in commercial value, however none in golf as yet.

One of the best business decisions one can make is to cut their losses.  This arbitrary and capacious IRS ruling has helped me make that decision.


BioActive Dressing US Patent to be Issued

11/15/2018:  I learned today the my patent application for creating a bio active bandage or dressing with protocatechuic acid (PCA) will be published on December 4, 2018.  This bandage has the antibiotic and wound acceleration reagent (PCA) within.  When on a wound that causes the bandage to be moistened, the PCA is activated and kills a broad spectrum of microbes and accelerates the wound healing.  This is particularly important for diabetic and varicose ulcer wounds.

Why Are Medical Costs so High?

11/7/2018:  The expected time to recoup an investment is long.  There are two FDA routes.  One is called 510K, which means there was a similar instrument prior to 1976.  This process takes an average of 2.4 years (0.5 to 7.7 years)*

The other is worse for something new.  The Pre-Market Approval (PMA) includes clinical trails and takes an average of 8.5 years ( 2.9 to 24.5 years)*

Then consider time to market, sell and defend product liability and you have your answer.

I have a US patent on method to prevent infections in total joint surgery.  There is no interest from the implant manufacturers since they project 50 to 150 million dollars and 10 years to get market approval.  No thanks.

*J Bone Joint Surg. 2017.Volume 99, Issue 6.  page 26.

Food Supplement Cautions

10/25/2018:  There are published cautions about a number of food substances.

I have been very cautions as I have explored the health benefits of food supplements.  I have done extensive testing and review of the literature on the food metabolite I am using; protocatechuic acid.  It is safe.  The FDA considers it Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) as a food additive for flavoring.

My first launch is   This is an antioxidant pill.  The web site has all the information.

Editing a Book

10/14/2018:  I am finishing editing a book I started several years ago; “Things My Fathers Have Told Me”.  I have two fathers; one natural and one supernatural, my Heavenly Father.  My motive for writing this was to be able to share my lessons in life with my children and grandchildren.  It is in a sense, my spiritual autobiography.  I am really enjoying this venture.

This is a good one from my Heavenly Father.

CHRISTIANTIY is based upon


HIS FORGIVING NATURE and our willingness to receive both.

Here are a couple of my father’s sayings.  He called my Lan.

“Lan, The first liar never has a chance”.   I do not think this requires an explanation.  He often referred to this about fishermen, who tell stories (lies) about how big a fish they caught or the one that got away.  Once the size is established, the next story teller knows the bench mark to be exceeded.

“Lan, Poor people never go bankrupt.”  This was to say that poor people could not borrow, go greatly in debt and therefore could not go bankrupt.  The poor might be broke or live pay check to pay check, but never have a large debt they could not cover.  The implication was also not to borrow great sums of money.