Silent Killers

10/14/2017:  Silent Killers are an action taken that unknown to you has stopped a relationship, a business deal, or any other of a hundred endeavors. It is silent since you do have any awareness of the problem you created.  You cannot think of anything your did.  Your act certainly was  well intended and well motivated.  However the result certainly was a surprise and unexpected.  You cannot figure this out.  You did not have any awareness that for the listener what you said or did was a big deal.

The silent killer manifestation may be a simple as calling someone and for reasons unknown to you they no longer take your phone call.  It may be as simple a response that a person you regularly did things with is not longer making themselves available to play golf, go shopping, out of lunch or to the theater.

So I regularly inquire of myself and the Lord, “Am I creating any silent killers?”

This is in contrast to all the obvious things we do to offend others or our acts that are our own worst enemy.  In these cases we ask the other person to forgive us.

Patent Claims Granted for Skin Wound and Potential Wrinkle Treatment

10/12/2017: I learned that my application U.S. Application No. 15/189,510  Title: “ANTIMICROBIALS AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF”

resulted in successfully granted the following claims which I have proof that after cosmetic skin defoliation or dermabrasion that the wound healing will be enhanced showing rapid healing, minimal inflammation and importantly restoration of the skin collagen layer.  This has the potential for wrinkle treatment in combination with skin defoliation and/or dermabrasion.

Allowed Claims

1–32. (Cancelled)

  1. A method of treating a wound to promote healing consisting essentially of administering a composition of an aqueous solution comprising 2,4,6,trihydroxybenzaldehyde (“246 THBA”) and protocatechuic acid (PCA) both of which are present at a concentration of between 10 to 200 mM, wherein the administration results in:
  2. promoting wound healing;
  3. reducing at least one microbe selected from the group consisting of L. casei, C. difficile, P. acnes, C. perfringens, L. casei, E. coli, S. aureus 6538, S. aureus 33591,, S. mutans, S. pyogenes, P. aeruginosa, K. pneumonia, and C. albicans;
  4. increasing localized IGF-1 expression; and
  5. reducing localized TGF-E and EGF expression.

34–35. (Cancelled)

  1. The method of claim 33, wherein the composition is in the form of a(n) liquid, solution, cream, ointment, salve, gel, emulsion, suspension, dispersion, or paste.
  2. The method of claim 33, wherein the wound is a burn, skin break, bone break, muscle tear, puncture, surgical incision site, microdermabrasion site, skin graft site, a wound associated with diabetes, a bed sore, a pressure sore, or a laceration.
  3. The method according to claim 33, wherein the composition is administered in ultradeformable liposomes.
  4. The method of claim 33 wherein the PCA and 246THBA are each present at a concentration between 20 to 100 mM.
  5. The method of claim 33 wherein the PCA and 246THBA are each present at a concentration between 20-50 mM.
  6. The method of claim 33 wherein the PCA and 246THBA are each present at a concentration of about 25 mM.
  7. The method of claim 33 wherein the PCA and 246THBA are each present at a concentration at about 50 mM.
  8. The method of claim 33 wherein the composition may be administered by any conventional route including, oral, topical, buccal, injection, pulmonary, intravenous, inhalant, subcutaneous, sublingual, or transdermal.
  9. The method of claim 33 wherein the treating of the wound is a cosmetic method of treating skin to enhance skin healing, wherein the composition is administered topically, orally or by intradermal or subcutaneous injection to a skin tissue, wherein the composition promotes an effect selected from the group consisting of reducing inflammation, optimizing growth hormone production, and increasing collagen stimulation.

45–52. (Cancelled)

  1. The method according to claim 33, wherein said administration further results in reduced scar formation.




Lehman with Putter Grip Photograph

10/9/2017: The PGA Champions tour posting showed Tom Lehman with the grooved putter grip.


NFL Player Protests from Business Perspective

9/23/2017: The NFL players fail to understand the following principles of business.  A company must have a good product, service and a public image for success.  In the NFL the player may be very good and play well and has the right to public protest.  What the player is missing is that the NFL team and the league is a business.  That should be apparent to them by the large salaries the players enjoy.  The team’s business income comes  from TV ads based upon viewership.  The viewership is directly related to public image.  Does the potential viewer who is paying for the NFL product may like the product; i.e the players, their performance, but however as important is the public image.  The NFL suffers historically from public image on drugs and domestic violence.  Now many of the the potential customers are not in sympathy with a few players disrespect for the American Flag or National anthem.  Patriotism still exists in the sports paying sector of America. They have voted with their absence on TV viewing.  In addition they have voited with their feet, noted by the vacant seats at the Los Angeles NFL team home games.  It is a matter of missing an important business principle, public image, which I normally put in the category of silent killers.  However in this case it is not so silent.

For Your Discernment

9/18/2017: This is for one’s discernment.

The #1 thing on the Internet in last few days is the September 23rd potential event.

I just listened to this presentation from the Biblical perspective that I think is worthy of one’s attention.

It is about prophecy.  I believe it is a balance presentation.

Start by fast forwarding to the 19 minute mark to avoid the preamble.  I goes on to 58 minutes.

If nothing more it is the educational on various Bible prophecies, yet without any pronouncements or day or hour.

However, we as Christians are to know the season.

Is it not more than social justice?


Is it not more than social justice?  The cry for social justice today is an incomplete banner for the mission.

I was reading where I saw that the Lord God of Israel was for righteousness and justice, but also mercy and truth.

This is written in Psalm 89:14; Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Mercy and truth go before Your face.

The plea on the banner to be lifted up should also say the following:

Societal Righteousness: This is so foreign that it not only is interesting idea, but truly absent.

Societal Mercy: Have you seen this lately?

Societal Truth: When was the last time that was prevalent?

However, these three are absent from the conversation that should be permeating our society.

“and now you know the rest of the story” video of recent lecture

9/1/2017: I have posted in YouTube a lecture I was invited to give to the FischBone Society of sport medicine orthopedic surgeons.  This group of surgeons were mentored by David Fischer, M.D.  Dr. Fischer holds an annual meeting and asked me to address the group on “What Really Matters”.  I made an attempt to record the audio, but for some reason that failed.  So I have made a video of the PowerPoint presentation and repeated the audio of the lecture.  Unfortunately the audience reaction is absent.  Go to to see and hear this lecture having the theme made so popular by Paul Harvey, “and now you have heard the rest of the story”.  I relate natural events in my medical career and my life mentors influence therein.