Reasoning and Reason

I am preparing for a seminar on prosperity.  In doing so, I brought the following over from a manuscript I wrote some time ago for my daughters, “Things My Fathers Have Told Me”

A Method of Reasoning:  Revelation may come as a result of natural reasoning.  It may come as a direct supernatural revelation from God.  It may be a combination of natural exploration with pondering a concept or thought when the Lord adds His perspective to the consideration.

In the area of science, the following reasoning was related to me for the evaluating of medical science, mine and others.  As I pondered the criteria upon which to evaluate certain observations, I believe God spoke to me to reason in this manner.  There are three categories to which the observation or the writing must submit.  Is the matter scientific or not scientific?  Is the matter believable or not believably?  Ultimately, is the matter true or untrue?

Scientific    Unscientific

Believable   Unbelievable

True           Untrue

It is possible that an observation, report, or publication could be scientific, believable, and true.  It also could be scientific, believable, and untrue.  Furthermore something could be non-scientific, unbelievable and true.  The latter is where Bible truth is probably most commonly categorized. An optical illusion has a scientific basis.  It is believable, but of course, untrue.  The Bible is non scientific, unbelievable and True.  It does have historical evidence foundation.