Chipping technique

6/5/12  I spent most of yesterday afternoon with Denis Watson while he was working on his chipping.  It had rained all morning and there were few players out in the afternoon.  It started with just saying hello and evolved into an in depth discussion of chipping.  He felt he had lost his touch after multiple surgeries to his right arm and back.  He was working to recover what was once a strength of his game.  To my surprise he asked me to analyse his technique while he hit literally hundreds of shots; one after the other.  Why would he ask me?   He said three years ago I helped him with putting at Newport and he won the next week and thereafter, so he appreciated my input then and wanted it now.  I learned more than he during the dialogue.

Here are the tips which come from my hearing Howard Twitty work with players and this time with Denis.

Visualize the shot multiple times prior to execution. 

1. Open stance.

2. Ball position off back foot.

3. Open club face.

4. Outside slow club head take away.

5. Cut across and under the ball, just “brushing” the grass underneath; no turf.

6. Head stays still, in position, so that the right shoulder touches it at follow through.

Hope this helps.