Grooved Golf Grips; PGA tour update

2/20/13: Grooved Golf Grips progress report:  Just returned from Tucson where Howard Twitty again worked several hours with Padraig Harrington.

harrington tower

Photograph shows Harrington, Chang and Twitty working with SAM PUTT lab ultrasound measuring device.

Tower Chang  joined our team.  Tower brings years of experience in retail golf as well as manufacture.  He was the first to bring the light grip to golf.  It was the “Big Lite” putter grip.  It was the foundation for the popular “super stroke” grips.  He now has manufactured similar light grip for us with our grooves.

17 inch grooved side view

Two big time teachers engaged us in conversation and wanted both our putter book and the grips.  One said after seeing the laser alignment as well, “Why would anyone do it any other way?”  Of course we agreed.

I do not print player’s names unless the information has previously been made public in the press as with Harrington.

As we learn the golf industry and learn responses from professionals as well as amateurs we find that the wording GROOVED GRIPS best represents what we are presently.  The word grooved represents the physical aspect of the golf grips, but also what it does for the golfer’s swing.  The swing becomes grooved.

We have added a polymer putter grip to our line.  It has a softer feel than the rubber grips.  Several PGA tour players have taken these grips.

polymer grip

We now recognize that better golf is a combination of Technology and Technique.  We deliver both.