Grooved Grip Testing on PGA Tour Players

7/26/12 We continue to do performance demonstration testing on the grooved golf grip with PGA tour players to demonstrate the effectiveness of such a grip.  This is from yesterday at Columbus, OH tour.

After a warm up, the player hit is driver 5 times with paper tape on the left.  (See illustration below) Then he hit the test driver taken from a barrel at a local driving range, but with the performance enhancing grooved golf grip.  No practice swings and 5 hits.  The impact tape on the right is with the test driver that had 20 year old Titleist head and regular old graphite shaft, but the grooved golf grip.  He like most good players hit more in the center with the driver not fit for them, but with the grooved grip.

The most interesting aspect of the test was the reaction of other tour players who were watching the test.  The player being testing was asked not to look at the impact spots until the test was over so as not to bias his performance.  However the onlookers could see the results as they unfolded.  As the test was coming near a conclusion, the players observing started to back up and at it conclusion were turned and walking away.  The player being tested shouted to them while showing the results, inquiring if they had seen the two impact spots.  The answer was yes and they kept walking.

It now appears after doing almost 100 such tests on PGA tour players, the players believe they hit the ball in the middle of the club face and do not want to know different.  The evidence almost frightens them as seen in the observers yesterday.