Independent Grip Testing from Singapore

6/4/2014: A teaching professional in Singapore did independent testing on the grooved golf grip. The results were remarkable.

He tested 26 amateurs. There were 23 men and 3 women. There were 4 high handicapers, 19 mid and 3 low handicap players. There was one driver club head and two identical shafts; one shaft with normal grip and one with grooved grip. The player hit several shots with each assembly.

Results: On a ball launch monitor, the dispersion was improved between 10 and 80% in 46% of amateur golfers. Most of the improvement was in the 10-20% range.

GroovedGripTest dispersion

The impact spot was closer together and more central in 46% of golfers tested.

GroovedGripTest 3

After 20 hits with the grooved grip, the players returned for a test with the non grooved grip. There was muscle memory carry over in 31% who showed immediately after experience with the grooved grip, that they showed better ball flight and impact spot.

This later test showed training value perhaps, but more importantly that the grooved golf grip is based upon how the player functions, not the golf club works, because there was an psychomotor influence even in the absence of the grooved grip.