Jim Flick my neighbor


Jim Flick was my neighbor.  I was introduced to Jim a few years ago at the golf practice range at La Costa.  We learned we were neighbors.  He lived down the street from me in Carlsbad,CA.  Of course I knew of him for many years, but then I had the privilege to meet him.  Better yet to know him as a neighbor.  Our visits were often as he each evening walked his dog past my home.  His dog was a loving as Jim.  I guess pets can reflect the owner’s personality.  He would stop and we took the occasion to visit about golf and his summers in Northern Michigan, my domicile.  Unlike other famous people I have met, he focused the conversation upon my interests, not his.

He was such a robust personality that his small stature was unnoticed.  He was such a gracious man.  Often at the driving range where he was giving lessons, he would take a break and initiate saying hello.  Jim, the legend in golf, would walk over to say hello to me, a no body in golf.  I found it interesting that he always addressed me as “doctor”.  It was not “doc” or Lanny, but always “How are you doctor?”   I thought the doctor was supposed to ask that question.  He just had a sincere interest in others.  He was fascinated that my grooved golf grip would influence performance.  He wanted some to try.  When I last saw him at La Costa in spring 2012 he was working on his own golf swing, some what frustrated as he said he was weak and the doctors had not found out what was wrong.  Later during one visit during the evening dog walking, he said he was feeling better.

Yesterday, upon my return to my California neighborhood, I learned he was in hospice.  So I wrote him a note in a form of a prayer for him and put it in an envelope at his front door.  It was my last neighborly act.  Thank you God for the privilege of knowing my neighbor, Jim Flick.