Extensive Patent Portfolio

4/24/2022: I now have an extensive US and foreign patent portfolio. It is based upon a phytochemical, 2,4 dihydroxybenzoic acid.

In certain applications and dose this reagent has the following applications.

a. Broad Spectrum antibiotic.
b. Biofilm destroyer.
c. Anti-viral for SARS CoV2
d. Wound healer
e. Collagen producer skin
f. Scar remover for skin
g. Increases expression of growth factors
h. Bone fracture healing
i. Osteoporosis treatment
j. Combination with CBD

Present effort is to launch in cosmetic and wellness as it is a nutraceutical.

In parallel I am working with doctors at U of Miami, U of Colorado and Northwestern Orthopedic department for prevention and control of orthopedic infections.

To date no Big Pharma or orthopedic companies have any interest primarily due to low return of investment.

Thank God he will make a way.