A Good Report

8/19/12  The following is a copy of today’s email I received from a former fellow who trained with me a number of years ago.  It is always encouraging to get a good report on a positive influence we may have had on another.  This young man was one of the most proficient surgeons I have seen.  He has had a wonderful career in private practice.

Dear Lanny,

I wanted to thankyou for everything that you taught me over many years, beginning in 1981.  It wasn’t just about medicine and arthroscopy, but about life and the countless blessings that I have been given over a lifetime.  Most recently,  I had a routine checkup of all areas, and found that I had an 80 and 60% blockage in my LAD and two days later had  a coronary arteriogram and two stents in my heart.  I had been assyptomatic.   I was on a treadmill one day later and back at work 3 days later.  There was no damage to my heart.  What a blessing!  I have been blessed so many times and in so many ways by the lord, and I wouldn’t have understood this if I had not had not been taught  by you.
I have said “thankyou Jesus”   so many times and it bears repeating,  Thankyou Jesus.
Talk to you again, gotta head to church.