Church’s Web Site Plea for Money: My take on it!

11/4/12: American church’s plea for money is so evident on front page of their web sites.  Why?  They want or perhaps need money.  The first page on a web site gives a first impression and first impressions are lasting.  This prominent positioned plea for GIVE says much about the church.  This gives the non believer justification for saying about the church, “They are always asking for money”.

The GIVE, GIVE, GIVE as the Christian church message bothered me.  I think it borders on greed.  So, at a church I attend, I suggested the following to frame the GIVE page on their web site.

God does not want your money. He desires you! He desires an intimate meaningful relationship with you.

God does not want our money. He desires us. He desires an intimate meaningful relationship with each one of us.

God does not need our money. He owns everything; all the gold, all the silver and the cattle on 10,000 hills. This earth is His.

He is in the giving business and wants you to join Him in that adventure. He gave of Himself. He wants us to GIVE of ourselves to noble and meaningful tasks and some thing that is lasting. He wants us to make a difference.

Finally, we do not need your money. God supplies all our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus.

However, GIVE us a chance to know you.

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