Pray to Learn What to Say; Primer on Changing Things

11/6/13: We should pray to learn what to say or speak. By that I mean we ask the Lord in prayer what is the underlying problem and then speak out loud against it. We do not pray against it. Remember the Biblical admotition to speak against a mountain (big problem in your life) and it will move.

Worse yet many Christians in my experience pray the problem. “Lord, you know how bad I feel” The Lord goes, “yeah”.

Other prayers are, “Dear God, Johnny really bugs me.”; “Oh Lord make Johnny stop it.” If you were God and on the recieving end of these requests, how would you respond? Probably with some surprise in that you never recommended this problem solving method.

The Better Way of Problem Solving: Pray and ask the Lord to give you understanding of the underlying spirit that is causing the problem. Ask Him to give you wisdom in handling the problem. Then speak out Loud to the problem as in the following example; bind, rebuke and remove that offending spirit.

Let us say, Johnny is mad at you all the time for no good reason as far as you know. I recommend praying in this manner to learn the underlying problem.

First I check my behavior. Have I done the same thing to someone and now I am reaping what I have sown? If God responses in the affirmative, then I repent and make restitution with the person. I speak against the offending ungodly spirit in my life.

With that issue behind, you can inquire as to what spirit is provoking Johnny to act in this manner towards you? If you learn from God that Johnny is caught in spirit of unforgiveness or bitterness then you attack those spirits, not Johnny, in this manner. Ungodly spirit of unforgiveness and bitterness, I am speaking to you in the mightly name of Jesus. I bind, rebuke, and cast you out and send as far as the east is from the west. Lord God, thank you for the power of Jesus name and the authority to remove them from Johnny’s life and mine, in Jesus Name.

Mission accomplished.