Walking Preachers

8/31/13: Walking back and forth while preaching has become increasingly obvious in today’s church service. At first I thought it was just one preacher’s style, but now it has become almost universal stage presence. They must be teaching it in seminary. Perhaps they are imitating someone famous and successful. I find it distracting.

If you have not seen it, here is a discription of the performance. The preacher takes the microphone or is attached to one and starts walking back and forth on the stage. He (I have not seen a she as yet) looks at the floor, wall or ceiling, but not the congregation. He paces back and forth speaking out into space.

What ever happened to eye contact or audience engagement during public speaking?

I do not get it. I tried to think of the value of this method. I still do not get it. I will just chalk it up to my lack of knowledge or understanding about present day church. Perhaps it is my old age.