Trump is the Master Marketeer

Trump is the master marketeer. He has the advantage of a brand name that is easily recognized; the primary factor in marketing. The Trump name prompts the subconscious to think of a trump card that produces an unsuspected win. The word Trump makes one think of a trumpet, historically an instrument to blast before an important announcement or after a victory.

His frequent use of twitter is nothing more than advertising his name and product. He has provoked his opposition to promote his name and products (initiatives). His political foes prompt investigations that make hourly news announcing his brand; Trump this and Trump that. His congressional foes continue to do the same thing with endless hearings; Trump this and Trump that. His media foes advertise his brand almost by the minute at no advertising expense to Trump on the television, the Internet and news outlets. He has provoked the opposition editorials to daily promote his brand; Trump products. Believing it will hurt his brand, they mention what he wants to do as President and feature every one of his real estate investments. This is millions of dollars of free advertising.

The opposition free advertising informs the public that 50% of them do not like his product. In doing so they give recognition that 50% of the potential buyers, 65 million in the last election that were very satisfied with his product. This is great advertising. Can you imagine selling something to 65 million buyers each day. Even more amazing is that these “Trump advertisers” go to great expense and annually renewed his contract for free.

When one of his brand’s products (Presidential Plans) come under a formidable opposition he has learned the great power of changing the subject. When his desire to build the wall was interrupted, he floats the idea of buying Greenland. No matter how ridiculous, his ideological opposition immediately is outraged and takes the bait so to speak. They forget the wall and are compelled investigate why government funds should be spent to potentially foster a Trump Golf Village in Greenland, as unlikely as that would be. The opposition immediately is burdened with the impact on climate change. They must study what such a Federal Government purchase would have on the National Parks budget in the continental United States. Trump goes back to focusing on marketing his product, the wall.

Recognizing that name recognition is perhaps the most important factor in making a political choice, Trump’s marketing is nothing short of brilliant.

CBD; the present state

12/1/2019: CBD has little data supporting anything. The marketing promotions out weigh the supporting evidence.

Take a look at

My first look at a review leaves much to be learned yet.

Find a place without people

11/5/2019: “Lan, Find a place without people, as you will never have trouble finding people.”

This is one of my father’s many quotes in my new book. CLICK ON…

Things My Fathers Told Me

Signs of the Times

10/29/2019: A sign of the times for America with Biblical references for a nation not aligned with the Lord God of Israel; a.k.a. Jesus.

“Record 67.3 million speak foreign language at home, over 50% in 90 big cities, 59% in Los Angeles.” by Paul Bedard October 29, 2019 10:34 AM Washington Examiner.

Deuteronomy 28:49: The LORD will bring a nation from afar, from the ends of the earth, to swoop down upon you like an eagle–a nation whose language you will not understand,

Jeremiah 15:15: “Behold, I am bringing a nation against you from afar, O house of Israel,” declares the LORD. “It is an enduring nation, it is an ancient nation, A nation whose language you do not know, nor can you understand what they say.

Biblically, this is a curse, not a blessing.

Patent Claims Potential for Facial Acne

10/28/2019: A skin serum topical application for reducing the bacteria that cause acne was discovered during a 2-year 4-phase study at Loma Linda Medical School. Studies on normal human skin showed a serum formulation that would reduce Cutibacterium acnes. The studies were performed with the purpose of creating a surgical disinfectant.

An United States patent was granted on this science: 9,925,152 Antimicrobials and methods of use thereof for wound healing. March 27, 2018.

This was a continuation of the parent application showing that this original formulation may add another metabolite to protocatechuic acid; 2,4,6 trihydroxybenzaldehyde.

Patent claims were granted in that both metabolites act as broad spectrum antibiotics, plus collagen proliferation (i.e. wrinkle treatment) and reduction in skin scar formation.

As such there would be a serum formulation for skin health:

Or dash to A dash cosmetic dot com.

New patent

10/14/2019: I was granted another US patent on Octobers 3rd, which was an expansion and refinement of a prior one for a skin penetrating formulation to disinfect skin for acne or as a preoperative skin preparation: US 10, 426, 747.

A Manual for Humans

10/4/2019: I was asked to deliver a keynote address at a medical meeting this coming June, 2020. It is a meeting on shoulder surgery of which I was one of the pioneers in arthroscopic surgery. I chose the topic of “There is a distinct advantage to not knowing anything”. The implication is that we should be without bias or prejudice as we approach problem solving with curiosity. It got me thinking about expanding upon such. It then occurred to me that each of us born with the distinct advantage of not knowing anything. Then via environment and or conditioning start to learn. It is at that point we need a manual for human life. Fortunately, there is one, the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, I and so many ignore this manual and venture into learning from the world, the flesh and even the devil. God forbid.