Urgent Need; Christians listen up

1/20/2021: I was not trying to trick you into reading with the title. There is presently an urgent need in the Body of Christ for the gift of distinguishing of spirits. 1Cor12:10

I have seen what the Bible predicted, that in the last days even the very elect will be deceived. The believer was exercising every bit of natural discernment possible in decision making. Their conclusion was easily defensible in the natural. Yet their position or action was not valid based on basic Bible principles.

I need this gift and encourage you to embrace.

I often ask, “Can a deceived person know they are deceived?”

More about Face Masks

1/16/2021: The President elect following “best practices” and CDC “guidelines” has insisted that all Americans were a face mask for the first 100 days he is in office.

In reality what is being mandated is to have every American were a mask that will collect and harbor virus and bacteria.

It would be humorous if not so stupid and sad. Remember He is proposing we follow the “science”. In this case it is “political science” not medical.

See some basic medical science at www.sprayawaydoa.com

Face Mask Purpose?

1/16/2021: A friend who knew that I was working on www.sprayawaydoa.com sent me this.

Biden Family Business Info

Must view soon as may come down

Face Mask Effectiveness?

1/14/2021: The effectiveness of facial masks still is unsettled for protection from or projection of the coronavirus. Even double masking has been explored.

My assessment is as follows: The virus is in an air born droplet; going to the mask from outside or inside the mask. The droplet stays in the mask keeping the virus viable until drying. The mask is an aqueous receptacle holding the live virus in what could be considered a “Petri dish” used for harboring and culturing microbes.

The wearer of a mask is providing a water pump moving the mask in and out with speaking or even breathing. The wearer is contributing moisture to the “Petri dish”.

A publication in Lancet showed that an COVID19 infected mask would take 6 hours after removal to dry and become non-infective.

The solution is to coat any mask with a crystal that kills the virus on contact.
See www.sprayawaydoa.com. The alcohol spray kills what is there and the residual crystalline coating kills what may be coming.

CONVID19; Protective Health Measures

12/21/2020: www.SprayAwayDOA.com was launched today. I have discovered a reagent that kills the SARS CoV 2 virus on contact. The initial application is an adjunct to present mitigation measures. It is a sanitizer based upon an antioxidant protocatechuic acid for coating of hands, face masks and objects in your environment.

It is safe. It is effective as proven in studies I funded at two independent contract laboratories.

It is a nutraceutical and as such the labeling states it has not been evaluated by the FDA. It also says that the product does not make a diagnosis nor is it for the treatment of any disease.

It is a sanitizer for the promotion of skin health. The accompanying pages on the web site document the accompanying credible evidence.

Best approach; the rhetorical questioning

I like rhetorical questioning. It provokes thought in a manner not otherwise so acceptable. In that vein, it occurred to me to addresses Biblical issues in the following manner.

If the bible is true, then……

One may enter any scriptural principle following the “then” to make one’s point.

For instance, if the bible is true giving away something every day should result in one’s prosperity since a generous man will prosper.

If the bible is true, then one who is careful to do what is commanded (not suggested) therein will prosper in all that they put their hand to.

I found the rhetorical question route to discussion of what otherwise may not be palatable very appealing, especially if the bible is true.