What is Dr. Lanny Up To?

What am I up to?

“Not always this laid back”
“Not always this laid back”

Thank you for asking. I am asked this question so often. This phase may just be a salutation, but I have learned many have a curiosity about my various endeavors. A blog seemed like the best way to answer this question on a regular basis. In addition, this blog provides a means for me to keep track in an organized fashion of what I am up to.

The purpose is to record and relate what I am up to these days. The information will be in one place for recording memoirs and historical events. It will be a place to document the present and consider the future.
I expect to regularly make entries concerning various categories: physician/surgeon; medical research and development; the golf adventures and Life. You may see a recent post or follow the topic that might interest you.

Let me know what you think as this blog will becomes my “Lectronic Legacy” in what ever time remains.

Answering the frequently asked question (FAQ) of what am I up to now?

A BLOG seemed the best and most efficient means of answering the FAQs on a regular basis.  It might be said that I wear multiple hats or have many interests.  Discovery in medicine will always be the main topic.  However there are other categories; Golf Adventures, Inventions, and some Christian writings.  Hopefully the BLOG will be a format to tell what I am up to in each of these main endeavors.  It seems almost daily there are interesting events; at least to me. Perhaps the events may be of interest to others.

I want to make it clear, I am not retired.  Retirement it is bad for one’s health.  I concluded my clinical practice in 1995, but work regularly in these various endeavors.  I do not see anywhere in the Bible where retirement is to be desired or realized.  I have told my daughters that I will not be speaking at my retirement party.

From time to time I will answer publicly herein those questions that recently surfaced and may be of general interest.  I will not be recording what I had on my hot dog at a ball game, let alone focus on mundane events.

I trust I will accomplish the intended goal of answering “What am I up to?”

Woke identifications

07/11/2021: I have just learned that people from all spectrums of society now follow their preferred name with pronoun in parenthesis. The president of Michigan State University listed following his signature to all alumni (he/him).

It occurred to me that should Jesus submit to such foolishness he would sign Jesus (Iam/et al). By this he would let it be known that he called himself “I Am” and since he was synonymous with the Father God and the Holy Spirit the (“et al..”) would be similar to standard published contributing authorship identification since they have been recorded to have authored the universe.

Protocatechuic Acid; so many claims

10/24/2021: I have been working with protocatechuic acid for 15 years. It has so many potential and real health benefits, I am cautious to say. However, the continuing report support the many varied real and potential uses.

See: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1043661820314171

I have assigned my US patent rights on protocatechuic acid for nutraceutical application to DrJsNatural.com. The Dr J is for Jaqueline Ng who has a doctorate in pharmacology.

New Business Colaboration

6/25/2021: Over the past several months I have developed a business collaboration with Dr J’s Natural. This is a nutraceutical based company in Garden Grove, CA. It was founded by Jaqueline Ng, a refugee from Viet Nam. She has doctorate of pharmacy from University of Southern California and is expert formulator of various health benefit products. Beyond that she is a wonderful woman, successful in business for many years.

See: www.drJsnatural.com

Helping India

“May 5th, 2021
To Whom This May Concern:
My Name is Jacqueline Nguyen, Pharm.D and I am the CFO of QYK Brands, a US manufacturer of infection prevention products based in California. I am reaching out to you to bring some attention to our Mission to Help India.

With the explosion of COVID-19 infections in India over the past few days, we at QYK Brands initially pledged to donate 2 million units ($10 MILLION in value) of our much needed disinfectant wipes approved to kill the COVID-19 virus. Sadly we had a problem fulfilling that pledge as we lacked the means to transport our products to India. At that point we reached out to our local ABC News affiliate, and they featured our ask for help. (ABC7 News Article Link)

What followed after the coverage is quite an amazing story of humanity and an evidence of the power of the news media. Following the news coverage, several companies reached out to us and pledged what they were able to donate on their part, from 2 Million medical gowns to 2 Million N95 respirators and even oxygen concentration systems. So far, we are finalizing two cargo planes that have been donated to carry all these products to India and distribute them to everyone in need, but we need more.

This highlights not just the power and the positive presence of the news media, but also how everyone comes together in a humanitarian crisis to help in any way they can.
With a worsening level of crisis through a second wave in India right now which has even impacted our immediate family, we have taken it upon ourselves to do more and we have increased our donation by 10 Million Units of dry wipes.

With this in mind we want to make a request to individuals, businesses and US government agencies to help join in the effort with QYK to make the finished products and step up to help India and to do that we need your help to spread the message. So far only LARGE corporations have been extending a helping hand to India but with the proper media outreach, millions of SMALL businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations or the US government can surpass those donations.
We know of many companies and individuals who entered into the PPE business at the onset of the pandemic due to the severe shortage of PPE supplies. At that time thousands of businesses both small and large, sprung into action and began sourcing PPE products to supply to hospitals and the government. This led to the PPE market getting oversaturated with products and currently there are countless businesses and hospitals sitting on VAST amounts of unused PPE”

“QYK BRANDS, LLC | 12101 WESTERN AVE, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92841 |1-833-795-7664 | www.qykcares.com”
“which can help India significantly. We know that with your call for help those businesses and hospitals will have the heart to help and would gladly donate their products and supplies.
What India still needs right now are:
● Oxygen concentrators
● Portable Oxygen Tanks
● PPE like medical gowns and coveralls
● Disinfection & Infection prevention products
● Medicines (Basic medicines are being sold in the Black market for 10 to 100x the actual price)
● Portable Beds
● And the most important thing of all is we need Cargo Planes to transport all these supplies to India as quickly as possible.
We are hopefully nearing the end of the pandemic in the US, but the situation in India is extremely scary and hundreds of lives are being lost every hour. The gravity of the situation is massively under reported and people over there NEED IMMEDIATE HELP!!!
The Indian Government is doing as much as they can to help but we must all collectively do our part and provide as much assistance as possible for the sake of humanity!!!
In response to the COVID-19 crisis in India we have launched www.QYKcares.com. We humbly request individuals and corporations to visit the site and donate whatever they can. Their 100% generous donations will go to help India and will most definitely lead to lives being saved.”

“Jacqueline Nguyen CFO QYK Brands 858-776-2566”

Up to a New Venture

5/4/2021: I licensed my anti-microbial patents including COVID19 to QYK Brands of Garden Grove, CA. They are in the same space as me; 4th largest disinfectant wipe company in USA, sanitizers and nutraceuticals. Amazing people and company.

Tomorrow is our first webinar at 1 pm PDT. To join use the following information.


Meeting ID: 871 2485 1795 Passcode: QYKWIPES

New patent published

4/9/2021: US 10,959,969 was published on 3/30/2021. It is the patent for use of protocatechuic acid to treat COVID19. Now looking for partner to translation to clinical medicine.

Major Pharma has a conflict of interest and does not want a cure as it would shut down their profitable vaccine business.

I will wait and be persistent, hoping for a partner.