Medical Technology New to Me.

9/11/2019: Medical Technology New to Me. Yesterday I was asked by two different professional athletes to give my opinion on two different medical treatments previously unknown to me. You must remember I concluded by clinical practice 24 years ago.

The first one was about ARP wave therapy. My Internet search learned it is primarily a commercial entity. See It is based upon an electrical input that reduces the “charge of injury”. I could not readily find a definition for this term. There is before and after MRI evidence on the Internet promotion showing rapid repair of torn anterior cruciate ligament. It is advocated for nerve and muscle treatment in a wide variety of conditions.

The second one was ozone injection therapy for spinal disc degeneration. See

They both appeared to be safe. The ARP lacks histological evidence, but search for such from the promoter results in opportunity to purchase the equipment. There is more supporting literature for the ozone treatments.

The general effectiveness although promoted, the specific uses and outcomes remain unclear.