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US Patent Issued after Saga

11/23/2016: US patent was issued after a multi year saga.  The research started more than 10 years ago and resulted in certain claims being granted in 2012.  However the patent office examiner did not allow all claims, specifically the direct intra articular injection of these dyes that are found in plants.  So more time and money was spent and now the issue is settled. US 9, 486, 468 B2 was issued November 8, 2016 granting claims stating that intra articular of anthocyanins and or anthocyanidins to stimulate the synovium (joint lining) to make a growth hormone; IGF-1.  The result there in will improve the nutrition and protect the cartilage in the joint and potentially heal the arthritic joint. The sage is not over yet in that subsequent research showed that the active ingredient is the primary metabolite of those dyes; protocatechuic acid (PCA).  I now have supporting research to expand the claims to include the injection of PCA.  So back to the patent office with more money and time. These are just the first of many hurdles, as I now face the FDA reglations before available for marketing.

Holiday Highway Lighting In Los Angeles

11/22/2016: Holiday Highway Lighting in Los Angeles created by massive traffic jam on the 405 freeway by all those getting away early for Thanksgiving to avoid the traffic.  LA LA land at its worse.

Charting of “Hope and Change”

11/15/2016  From the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, MO. Obama years in 9 charts     

White Lies Matter?

10/24/2016:  You would have to think that White Lies Matter.  They are not just “little white lies”.  They have now multipled into the definiton of deceit.

Deplorable definition clarified

9/12/2016:  Deplorable definition includes liars and the deceitful.

Independence Day depends upon Continual Fight for Freedom

7/3/2016: All Americans must continually fight to hold on to our Freedoms.  As such we need to fight deciet, deception and outright lies. Look at this: And Look at this: Help God Bless America.

Important Discovery of Reagent to Destroy Biofilms

6/15/2106: Today was  a big day for discovery results.  I learned I now have a reagent to destroy bacterial biofilms.  Bacteria are antibiotic resistant in major part due to fact they can form a plastic like protective covering called a biofilm.  Present day antibiotics cannot penetrate this covering to kill the bacteria.  I have discovered the molecule, the dose, the vehicle to carry it, the interval of treatment, the duration and the successful result.  The specifics are not listed here as it will be the subject of a patent submission.  The laboratory discovery did however destroy the biofilm of the two main pathogens; Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA).  This may be the first antibiotic to simultaneously destroy biofilms and their parent bacteria. This means there will be a way to coat total joint and other implants to kill any potential biofim attaching and thereby reduce infections related to this surgery.