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Time with Tom Izzo

8/12/2019: I spent some very special time with Tom Izzo at his office last week. Nothing more than sharing life and laughs. Seems like two serious, intense professionals do have fun.

Acne Launch this Week

6/11/2019: Finally, the web site and the product are in place. It is at It has been issued an US patent; 10, 265, 285: Antimicrobials and the methods of use thereof. April 23, 2019. The patent claims specifically identify this new way to treat acne. It is safe and effective as confirmed in human studies at Loma Linda Medical School. This formulation was discovered while scientifically searching for a skin disinfectant to control acne, a new problem in shoulder surgical site infections. The causes of facial acne are complex, but the one common denominator is the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes that resides deep under the skin surface. A-Cosmetic penetrates the skin to attack this bacteria. A-Cosmetic has four active ingredients; protocatechuate, rubbing alcohol, propylene glycol and an essential oil from grapefruit skins. All ingredients in this patented formulation have skin penetrating properties. Skin penetration is necessary as the bug for acne resides deep in the skin; in the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands. Most existing skin disinfectants treat only the surface. Therefore they do not control acne. A-Cosmetic penetrates down to the home of the acnes bug. The ingredients are safe. Protocatechuic acid, a.k.a. protocatechuate is FDA approved for ingestion as a food flavoring supplement. The other ingredients are FDA listed a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). All ingredients are considered safe by FDA published standards. The A-Cosmetic formulation was developed as one would a drug; meeting all the pre-clinical criteria. Unfortunately, the cost to continue that avenue to clinical surgical disinfectant market was not attractive to any pharmaceutical company. We know, because major Pharma rejected the proposal for these reasons; long time and high cost of FDA regulations. They projected the FDA drug regulation route would involve 10 years and more than 10 million dollars. Therefore, we chose the nutraceutical route to the market for A-Cosmetic. It is legal to market a nutraceutical or plant derived material, providing the claims in the labeling do not say that it makes a diagnosis or treats any disease. Our labeling and web site are carefully worded to conform to these regulations. You can see that we want to conform to the law and medical ethics. Unfortunately, the present treatment of acne often involves the long term use of systemic antibiotics. Dermatologists wish there was another way. There is, A-Cosmetic. The nutraceutical marketing route provides a means of ethically meeting this medical, humanitarian and societal need for the treatment of facial acne. It is reported that 50 million Americans are afflicted. A-Cosmetic is ready for delivery. For a short-time there is a FREE introductory offer. Put in the code Thanx and it will come to you at no charge. This offer will end soon. Let us know how it worked using before and after photographs. See such photographs on the comment page on the web site.

Kneeling; the symbolism, the method, and the result.

2/2/2019:  Going down with only one knee on the ground is apparently is a symbol of protest.  Going down on both knees on the ground is a symbol of humility and petition.  Perhaps if those favoring kneeling to one knee had gone down on both knees, something positive may have resulted.

Being Thankful is the Solution

12/12/2018: “There is no problem so great that you cannot thank your way out of it.”  It is written that we are to be thankful for (Ephesians 5:20) and in (1 Thess 5:18) all things.”   I have learned this over time.  I have the opportunity to practice this regularly as I regularly face challenges.  However, the thanks must be directed to someone who can do something about your problem.  I have learned it is the the Lord Jesus.  As a result I am granted peace in every circumstance. (2 Thess 3:16)

BioActive Dressing US Patent to be Issued

11/15/2018:  I learned today the my patent application for creating a bio active bandage or dressing with protocatechuic acid (PCA) will be published on December 4, 2018.  This bandage has the antibiotic and wound acceleration reagent (PCA) within.  When on a wound that causes the bandage to be moistened, the PCA is activated and kills a broad spectrum of microbes and accelerates the wound healing.  This is particularly important for diabetic and varicose ulcer wounds.

Why Are Medical Costs so High?

11/7/2018:  The expected time to recoup an investment is long.  There are two FDA routes.  One is called 510K, which means there was a similar instrument prior to 1976.  This process takes an average of 2.4 years (0.5 to 7.7 years)* The other is worse for something new.  The Pre-Market Approval (PMA) includes clinical trails and takes an average of 8.5 years ( 2.9 to 24.5 years)* Then consider time to market, sell and defend product liability and you have your answer. I have a US patent on method to prevent infections in total joint surgery.  There is no interest from the implant manufacturers since they project 50 to 150 million dollars and 10 years to get market approval.  No thanks. *J Bone Joint Surg. 2017.Volume 99, Issue 6.  page 26.

Interesting Analogy between Patent Law and Prayer

9/14/2018: I found this analogy interesting.  First a little background.  I am working on various patent submissions.  My perspective is that of a medical doctor and how those in my profession think.  In addition, we have rules about scientific investigation and validation of the results. Now I enter the world of patent submission.  It is virtually impossible to do this absent a patent lawyer in that the language and rules of submission make it impossible for an unskilled person to make such a submission. I start with a foundation in fact that I believe should qualify for patentability.  However, the criteria for being granted various patent claims are not the same as one in medicine would think.  Therefore, I use a patent attorney.  I tell him my argument and he says that he cannot present my argument as it does not fit the conditions of submission by the US patent office.  In short, my submission must fit the patent law and the rules governing allowability by the examiner who is reviewing my petition. Now to the revelation I received today.  As a Christian we are taught to pray, even without ceasing.  We are instructed to make our requests to be made known.  We are told that if we have not it is because we have asked not.  We are told that if any two of you here on earth agree on anything the Father will do it from Heaven.  However, there is this one overriding cavet.  The prayer petition must conform to the law of God, the general will of God and specifically the will of God for you as a Christian in your God given assignment or calling. We are also instructed to make our petition in the Name of Jesus, who in effect is our advocate or attorney.  The mechanics of this are like my patent application and are as follows.  We come up with a prayer we think makes sense.  We want the Father God to hear our prayer as the Word says he answers every prayer He hears.  However, He may not hear every prayer we make and for good reason. Well how could that happen if I just made the prayer in good faith.  We made the prayer in the name of our attorney, Jesus.  But here is the process.  Jesus reviews the request and filters our request, reshapes it in a form according to the Government of God and in a form that the Father God is willing to hear the request.  So, in this case, just like in patent application, it takes one knowledgeable with the law to present our prayer requests within the will of God and according to His statutes.  If the prayer is so far from the laws of God or the will of God, your attorney Jesus will not be able to present your petition.  He will come back to you with how you might make a conforming petition or prayer in accordance with the will of God. When constructed in the proper form and within the will of God for you, then God hears the prayer and answers.