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New Business Colaboration

6/25/2021: Over the past several months I have developed a business collaboration with Dr J’s Natural. This is a nutraceutical based company in Garden Grove, CA. It was founded by Jaqueline Ng, a refugee from Viet Nam. She has doctorate of pharmacy from University of Southern California and is expert formulator of various health benefit products. Beyond that she is a wonderful woman, successful in business for many years.


Up to a New Venture

5/4/2021: I licensed my anti-microbial patents including COVID19 to QYK Brands of Garden Grove, CA. They are in the same space as me; 4th largest disinfectant wipe company in USA, sanitizers and nutraceuticals. Amazing people and company.

Tomorrow is our first webinar at 1 pm PDT. To join use the following information.

Meeting ID: 871 2485 1795 Passcode: QYKWIPES

Progress Report

4/7/2021: In recent days, submitting my plans to the Lord and requesting leading my path has produced a new opportunity. I have been seeking a business partner for my intellectual property, but I have been rejected by every major orthopedic company. I was seeking an established company with management, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution; “no luck”.

Now I was seeking a wipe manufacturer for my venture. The path led me to QYK Brands of Garden Groove, CA. While sitting in one of the principles office and discussing with Jacqueline Nguyen, the CFO I had peace about the encounter. As the discussion advanced in a positive manner, I noticed her pharmacy diploma from University of Southern California on the wall. Above such was a crucifix behind her desk. I figured this as a positive sign, but said nothing. The conversation continued towards an agreement to purchase sanitizer wipes.

I spontaneous said to her, “I think I am at the right place.” Surprised she said, “How is that?” I explained my story and today’s prayer for leading my path.

I learned that QYK was short for “quick”. I learned they were the 4th largest manufacture of wipes in USA. I learned they manufactured their own line of sanitizers and disinfectants, selling millions every month to major US retailers. I learned that Jacqueline was known as “Dr J”, the brand of her nutraceutical business for past 10 years. Dr J, a Vietnamese refugee, has TV show twice a week for this community world wide. The right place was confirmed as they are in exactly the same space that I have been working for past many years.

To make this 3 week venture story short, they are the perfect company for my innovations. Dr J and I have formed PCAbioScience, LLC to advance my intellectual property. Her world wide connections and business knowledge in this space has been a perfect fit.

This is first note of what I hope is the preface to an exciting productive adventure.

Why no COVID19 drugs?

2/20/2021: This article gives a good explanation. The business partners; FDA and Big Pharma are vested in vaccines.

Advancing My Early Discovery

1/31/2021: I learned today that a group in Australia added mesenchymal stem cells to an operation I discovered in 1980 for regeneration of cartilage in severe knee arthritis. Very satisfying.

Freitag J, Wickham J, Shah K, Li D, Norsworthy C, Tenen A. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy combined with arthroscopic abrasion arthroplasty regenerates cartilage in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis: a case series. Published Online:21 Oct 2020.

Face Mask Effectiveness?

1/14/2021: The effectiveness of facial masks still is unsettled for protection from or projection of the coronavirus. Even double masking has been explored.

My assessment is as follows: The virus is in an air born droplet; going to the mask from outside or inside the mask. The droplet stays in the mask keeping the virus viable until drying. The mask is an aqueous receptacle holding the live virus in what could be considered a “Petri dish” used for harboring and culturing microbes.

The wearer of a mask is providing a water pump moving the mask in and out with speaking or even breathing. The wearer is contributing moisture to the “Petri dish”.

A publication in Lancet showed that an COVID19 infected mask would take 6 hours after removal to dry and become non-infective.

The solution is to coat any mask with a crystal that kills the virus on contact.
See The alcohol spray kills what is there and the residual crystalline coating kills what may be coming.

CONVID19; Protective Health Measures

12/21/2020: was launched today. I have discovered a reagent that kills the SARS CoV 2 virus on contact. The initial application is an adjunct to present mitigation measures. It is a sanitizer based upon an antioxidant protocatechuic acid for coating of hands, face masks and objects in your environment.

It is safe. It is effective as proven in studies I funded at two independent contract laboratories.

It is a nutraceutical and as such the labeling states it has not been evaluated by the FDA. It also says that the product does not make a diagnosis nor is it for the treatment of any disease.

It is a sanitizer for the promotion of skin health. The accompanying pages on the web site document the accompanying credible evidence.