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Coronavirus Update

3/12/2020:  The coronavirus outbreak must be taken serious because of the known and especially the unknown. I have been studying and researching anti microbials for several years resulting in many US patents. The following was written to an associate in the field. The coronavirus presents a serious societal and humanitarian health problem.  There is testing, but with known false positives.  The false negatives if they occurred, have not been reported.  There is no present cure or vaccine. The following is a very good report worthy of one’s attention. The control of the coronavirus is limited to mitigation and quarantine and societal behavior. The traditional personal protection is limited to hand washing which is effective, but only removes pathological microbes present at the time and no lasting protection.  Another traditional hand disinfectant is the alcohol based skin disinfectants; i.e Purell, Germ-X.  They are bioactive when wet, but have no lasting protection after drying.  Therefore, they would have to used many times during the day and or night. It is now known that the coronavirus may remain airborne for long periods of time.  The virus will remain for hours on hard services like door knobs and handles, or chairs and desk tops.  It will attach to walls, floors and ceilings of a room, building or vehicle.  It will attach to machinery or conveyers. Protective masks will prevent the infected from spreading the virus, but no evidence as yet they protect the unaffected, yet they are popular.  The problem is that any opening in a mask allowing for air to exchange, even the N95 or N99 will allow microbes to pass through. Therefore there is a need for more effective and extensive preventive measures. The solution is a disinfectant that coats, yes coats a surface be it body or hard surfaces with crystals.  I have one presently in an EPA application.  However a FDA and EPA approved solution exists. It is found at It is safe.  It coats the body part or the hard surfaces with a crystal.  The protection on the hands is 24 hours, not 10 seconds.  A property may be fogged with coating that lasts 28 days.  This method and company has been overlooked in US since it is located in New Zealand.  It seems no one in authority realizes such exists. It does exist.  A preventive crystal coating now exists.  It is irresponsible not to use the latest technology and preventive measures.

Patent Claims Potential for Facial Acne

10/28/2019: A skin serum topical application for reducing the bacteria that cause acne was discovered during a 2-year 4-phase study at Loma Linda Medical School. Studies on normal human skin showed a serum formulation that would reduce Cutibacterium acnes. The studies were performed with the purpose of creating a surgical disinfectant. An United States patent was granted on this science: 9,925,152 Antimicrobials and methods of use thereof for wound healing. March 27, 2018. This was a continuation of the parent application showing that this original formulation may add another metabolite to protocatechuic acid; 2,4,6 trihydroxybenzaldehyde. Patent claims were granted in that both metabolites act as broad spectrum antibiotics, plus collagen proliferation (i.e. wrinkle treatment) and reduction in skin scar formation. As such there would be a serum formulation for skin health: Or dash to A dash cosmetic dot com.

New patent

10/14/2019: I was granted another US patent on Octobers 3rd, which was an expansion and refinement of a prior one for a skin penetrating formulation to disinfect skin for acne or as a preoperative skin preparation: US 10, 426, 747.

Protocatechuate’s Many Amazing Benefits

8/19/2019: The question arises as how can protocatechuate (a.k.a. protocatechuic acid or PCA) have so many health benefits. The answer is very simple. Health: The common denominator for Health is control of reactive oxygen species or free radicals. PCA is a powerful anti-oxidant, 10X more powerful than Vitamin E. Disease: The common denominator underlying most diseases is now recognized to be inflammation. PCA is a powerful anti-inflammatory reagent. Coupling the two properties of PCA, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory explains why there is such a broad array of conditions the literature has identified as benefiting from this phytochemical. Medical Literature: The medial literature documents the health benefits of PCA. We have chosen the adjective of “Broad Spectrum” anti-oxidant because of the many applications documented in the published following medical literature. Take time to review for further information, especially the many US Patents. Make sure you see

Exciting New Patent to Issue

7/18/2019: I learned today that another patent will be issued. The patented method addresses the treatment of infected total joint implants. Although the incidence is low at about 2% those affected face multiple subsequent surgeries. The annual cost of treatment is half a billion dollars in the USA alone. I discovered a method to help solve this problem, perhaps without surgery. The method includes mobilizing the biofilm covered colonies of bacteria with ultrasound, followed by an accurate diagnosis. The treatment then can be with needle aspiration and installation of the antibiotic I discovered; protocatechuic acid. This metabolite of the dyes found in cherries and blueberries has proven biofilm destroying properties. Hopefully this patented method will lead to fewer infections and less invasive treatment of those with a surgical infection. I now need a orthopedic company to share my vision.

Trump’s Tariff War

5/24/2019: Trump’s Tariff war of 20% put my business on hold. The tariff makes it impossible to buy product from China for manufacture in USA and sell at a reasonable price to US customer. It appears that a US business that relieved upon China sourcing will come to a halt. We will find out how good a negotiator is Mr. Trump. The only thing that will sell well in the future will be hand baskets. The demand will be great as hand baskets will be the transport means the the world is going to use on its way to hell.:) “The world is going to hell in a hand basket”

New Patented Acne Treatment Launch

5/11/2019:  A new acne treatment to launch this week;   It has been issued an US patent; 10, 265, 285: Antimicrobials and the methods of use thereof.  April 23, 2019.  The patent claims specifically identify this new way to treat acne. It is safe and effective as confirmed in human studies. This treatment was discovered while scientifically searching for a skin disinfectant to control acne, a new problem in shoulder surgical site infections.  The study on human skin was performed at Loma Linda Medical School. The causes of facial acne are complex, but the one common denominator is the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes that resides deep under the skin surface.  A-Cosmetic attacks this bacteria. A-Cosmetic has four active ingredients; protocatechuate, rubbing alcohol, propylene glycol and an essential oil.  All ingredients in this patented formulation have skin penetrating properties.  Skin penetration is necessary as the bug for acne resides deep in the skin; in the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands.  Most existing skin disinfectants treat only the surface.  Therefore they do not control acne.  A-Cosmetic penetrates down to the home of the acnes bug. Protocatechuic acid, a.k.a. protocatechuate is FDA approved for ingestion as a food flavoring supplement.  The other ingredients are FDA listed a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).  All ingredients are considered safe by FDA published standards. The A-Cosmetic formulation was developed as one would a drug; meeting all the pre-clinical criteria.  Unfortunately, the cost to continue that avenue to market was not attractive to any pharmaceutical company.  We know, because major Pharma rejected the proposal for these reasons; long time and high cost of FDA regulations.  They projected the FDA drug regulation route would involve 10 years and more than 10 million dollars.  Therefore, we chose the nutraceutical route to the market for A-Cosmetic. It is legal to market a nutraceutical or plant derived material, providing the claims in the labeling do not say that it makes a diagnosis or treats any disease.  Our labeling and web site are careful to conform to these regulations.  You can see that we want to conform to the law and medical ethics. Unfortunately, the present treatment of acne often involves the long term use of systemic antibiotics.  Dermatologists wish there was another way.  There is, A-Cosmetic.  The nutraceutical marketing route provides a means of ethically meeting this medical, humanitarian and societal need for the treatment of facial acne.  It is reported that 50 million Americans are afflicted. A-Cosmetic should be ready for delivery in 10 days. For a short-time there is an introductory offer, FREE.  Put in the code Thanx and it will come to you at no charge.  This offer will end soon. Let us know how it worked even by before and after photographs.  See such photographs on the comment page on the web site.