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Being Led

12/17/2019: Those that are the children of God are those who are led by the Holy Spirit. This is the qualification, not a qualification. Romans 8:14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.

I like to think of it this way. That being so, we must look at the concept of being led. This implies that the Spirit of God is in front and we are following; every part of our being. This admonition defines that the Holy Spirit would be leading our flesh, mind and will including our human spirit. It is not only a physical leading but one of thorough submission to direction in life.

Pause and think about this.

Find a place without people

11/5/2019: “Lan, Find a place without people, as you will never have trouble finding people.”

This is one of my father’s many quotes in my new book. CLICK ON…

A Manual for Humans

10/4/2019: I was asked to deliver a keynote address at a medical meeting this coming June, 2020. It is a meeting on shoulder surgery of which I was one of the pioneers in arthroscopic surgery. I chose the topic of “There is a distinct advantage to not knowing anything”. The implication is that we should be without bias or prejudice as we approach problem solving with curiosity. It got me thinking about expanding upon such. It then occurred to me that each of us born with the distinct advantage of not knowing anything. Then via environment and or conditioning start to learn. It is at that point we need a manual for human life. Fortunately, there is one, the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, I and so many ignore this manual and venture into learning from the world, the flesh and even the devil. God forbid.

Biblical Promises for Seniors

9/18/2019: Biblical promises for seniors: “You will come to the grave in full vigor.” (Job 5:26). “If they hear and serve Him, they shall end their days in prosperity and their years in pleasures.” (Job 36:11)

These are the Biblical promises which are available to all, of course with conditions.

Anticipated Results of Patience

8/10/2019: If you want:
Renewed strength
Movement as though gliding through air like an eagle
Running and not becoming weary
Walking without fainting
The key is getting used to waiting on the Lord for your answers in life.

Promise from Isaiah 40:31

Time with Tom Izzo


I spent some very special time with Tom Izzo at his office last week. Nothing more than sharing life and laughs. Seems like two serious, intense professionals do have fun.

My Book is Available!

7/30/2019: My spiritual autobiography, “Things My Father’s Have Told Me” is available for a donation of any amount to Hondo Carpenter Ministry.

It is in PDF or Internet book version

It is 300 plus pages; some family history, my father’s wise sayings, the prophetic Word God has given me, my teachable moments, and some of my sayings.

I wrote it for my children, but many that had seen it in process suggested I make it public.